Those of you who wake and bake may have experienced that magic that blooms when you enjoy a joint with your cup of coffee.

For those of you who haven’t experienced this magic for yourselves, read on!

Caffeine + Cannabis

The magic is a calm, euphoric focus.

Caffeine is a vasodilator, which means that it triggers your blood vessels to dilate. When your blood vessels are open, your blood washes over your brain and body. This cardiovascular reaction to caffeine speeds the cannabis compounds into your system.

Once the cannabis plugs into your receptors, CBD and THC calms your nervous system, and introduced anandamide which brings you a feeling of euphoria.

Absorption Through Osmosis

Cannabis infused beverages plug the CBD and THC into your system faster than most other consumption methods.

Liquids enter your system through osmosis. When you drink our Infused Cold Brew Coffee, CBD and THC enter your bloodstream as the coffee is absorbed through your mouth, throat and stomach. When you eat a chewable edible, your body breaks down the components of the food before your body can absorb the CBD and THC.


Nano-emulsified CBD and THC means you get consistent dosing in every sip.

Cannabis concentrate is held in oil. Oil and water don’t easily mix, which will typically result in your concentrate floating on top of your drink.

Nanogen Labs uses sound waves to break down the THC and CBD concentrate into super tiny, nano-sized droplets. The nano-emulsion of CBD and THC droplets are evenly suspended in Somatik Infused Coffees.

That is the biochemical magic that is Somatik Infused Cold Brew Coffee!

Now you can check out some cold brew mocktails to spark your magic.

Happy sipping!